Beef, Mat Blackwell

Author: © Mat Blackwell Publication Date: May 23, 2016 Type: Novel Ordering: Amazon Kindle, Paperback Antisocial Media: Author Website Beef (excerpt) Despite Luka’s wonderful advice, the party had been exactly the awkward ordeal Royston had been expecting, for the one hour and ten minutes he’d experienced it thus far.  Everyone except him seemed to know […]

The Green and the Red

Author: © Armand Chauvel Translator: Elisabeth Lyman Publisher: Ashland Creek Press Type: Fiction Publication Date: 2014 Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Goodreads, Facebook, Our Hen House Review Chapter 1 Léa scanned the menu desperately in search of an escape route. She’d come to Paris for the day expecting to meet with this high school classmate at […]