Irrevocable Acts

Author: © Jonni Hyde Publication Date: June 22, 2017 Type: Fiction Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Author site Chapter 2 In the living room, Gracie paraded her stuffed animals across the coffee table, while in the adjacent dining room, Kate set out plates and silverware. Anna sat down on the couch, which Gracie took as an […]

Sally St. Johns

Author: © Denise Heinze Publication Date: May 2017 Type: Fiction Ordering: Amazon, BookLocker Social Media: Author website, Twitter, Amazon author page, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn   This title was up for six months only. Please view the author links above for more on the book.

Watermelon Snow

Author: © William A. Liggett Publisher: Sandra Jonas Publishing Publication Date: June 6, 2017 Type: Fiction Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Author website, Twitter, Goodreads EXCERPT The thick layers of ice groaned and let out a deafening crack. Professor Kate Landry jumped, unnerved by the sounds, each one more ominous than the one before. The blue […]

Left Behind

Author: © Mehek Naresh Type: Short Story Social Media: Twitter, Author Blog Congratulations to Mehek Naresh for winning the Eco-fiction 2016 Solarpunk Short Story Contest! This short story is published whole. Judges were Claudie Arseneault, author of Viral Airwaves and editor of Wings of Renewal: A Solarpunk Dragon Anthology, and T.X. Watson and Faith Roses […]

The Tourist Trail

Author: © John Yunker Type: Fiction Novel Publisher/Ordering: Ashland Creek Press Publication Date: 2010 Author Links: Website, Book, Twitter When the land has nothing left for men who ravage everything, they scour the sea. — Tacitus PART I: In Absentia Angela In darkness, Angela ascended the winding gravel road. She carried a flashlight, but she […]

Cold Blood, Hot Sea

Author: © Charlene D’Avanzo Publisher: Torrey House Press Publication Date: June 2016 Ordering Information: IndieBound Social Media: Author blog, Facebook, Contact, Goodreads Sleuths will have to figure out who done it, but the real crime is the backdrop here: the endless heating of a fragile planet. —Bill McKibben Chapter One – At Sea (excerpt) A […]

Mr. Green Jeans

Author: © Chris S. McGee Publisher: Harvard Square Editions Publication Date: April 22, 2016 (Earth Day!) Audio: Chapter Five A week later, Saturday morning 2:00 a.m. It was dark, midnight-blue dark. We had waited for the new moon. Armed with the tools of the trade, we made our way through the thick brush. Having chosen […]

Augments of Change

Author: © Kelvin Christopher James Publisher: Harvard Square Editions Publication Date: June 2016 Social Media: Author site, Twitter (@KeloJames) Infection By the next day or two, all but one person in the caravan was infected; some with sniffles, some with sneezes, some feverish and flushed with irritations. Baby Ndella, the unaffected, climbed and kicked the […]


Author: Steve Masover Publisher: © Salted Rose Press Release Date: September 29, 2015 Press: Interview with Eco-fiction, Reviews Social Media: Author’s blog: One Finger Typing, Facebook Chapter Two October 2003 Chagall rolls up his ski mask, listening to the guard’s Jeep recede down the logging road. A crisp autumn breeze dries the sweat from his […]


Author: Richard L. Bailey Publisher: © TERRA Productions Publication Date: December 1, 2013 Ordering: The Last Century Book, Amazon CHAPTER ELEVEN – A CENTURY OF CLIMATE CHANGE 2090-2100 Atmospheric Carbon Level – 585-615 ppm Average Earth Temperature – 67o Sea Level Rise – + 14 feet Earth’s Population – 4 billion people What Happened? For […]