The Mysterious Frog

Authors: © Lucas Christopoulos and Kirby Record Publication Date: November 2014 Publisher: Moon Willow Press Social: Facebook Chapter 1 – The Song of the Green Frog   The green frog thrills to the perfect pond, Basking serenely at the water’s surface Her eyes observe the scrumptious prey. When one comes near, lightning strikes! She swallows […]

The Philodendrist Heresy

Author: © Jed Brody Publication Date: March 8, 2012 Publisher: Moon Willow Press Cover Artist: Linnea Paskow Press: Physics Today Excerpt from Chapter 7 A single wisp of white vapor rises through the darkness. A second white tendril ascends. The two spiral each other coyly. Additional white vapor billows upward, gathering, gushing, until a bright […]