The Dragon Who Didn’t Fly

(Book 1 of the series A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny) Author: C. M. Barrett Publication Date: May 2017 Type: Fiction Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Author website, Facebook, Twitter Chapter 1 The whisper of raindrops awoke Druid. He groaned and covered his ears with his paws. This silenced the dismal dripping, but nothing could prevent him […]

Paradise Lost

Author: John Milton License: In the public domain. February 1992 Project Gutenberg release. Original Publication Date: 1667 Excerpt from Book V His wonder was to find unwakened Eve With tresses discomposed, and glowing cheek, As through unquiet rest: He, on his side Leaning half raised, with looks of cordial love Hung over her enamoured, and […]

Jesus and Magdalene

Author: © João Cerqueira Publisher: Lion Publications Publication Date: July 6, 2016 Type: Novel Author Links: Amazon, Facebook, Website, Twitter For the love of nature When Magdalene and Jesus left the environmental camp, she revealed to him her ruminations. “Did you know that nature and the Christian religion have a great deal in common?” she […]

The Little Big Town

Author: © Mary Woodbury Publisher: Moon Willow Press Type: Fiction (Children’s Novella) Publication Date: 1st published January 2010 Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Facebook Excerpt from Part IV. Holidays On Sunday, the whole family piled into the Blazer and drove to the outskirts of Tarkin where the Harvest Festival was being held. This was an attraction […]

The World Tree

Author: © Clara Hume Type: Short story series (Lost Ages) Publisher: Moon Willow Press Publication Date: January 2013 Ordering: Amazon The light inside the globe began to take the shape of a mighty ash tree that suddenly loomed brilliantly in a scene that wound together images of witchery and sunlight. The tree became bigger than […]

The Lost Ages: Awakening

Author: © Clara Hume Publisher: Moon Willow Press Publication Date: November 9, 2012 Ordering Information: Amazon Description: Rowan and her friends have been playing Lost Ages MMO for years. Upon completing the final quest in the game and defeating Morpheus the Imposter, the group finds itself transported to the real world of Lost Ages, south […]