Beautiful Giant

Authors: © Margi Prideaux Publisher: Stormbird Press Publication Date: February 2017 Type: Nonfiction Social Media: Website, Facebook, Twitter From behind came a sound, swish, phwom, swish, phwom. My heart fluttered inside my chest. Could it be what I had been hoping for since the first giant gardener’s space? Years ago, I travelled to Thailand for […]

All Things Breathe Alike

Authors: © Donna Mulvenna, Jessica Groenendijk, and Margi Prideaux Publisher: Stormbird Press Publication Date: February 2017 Type: Nonfiction Ordering: Free e-book available from Donna Mulvenna, Jessica Groenendijk, and Margi Prideaux Where Journeys Begin (Introduction) Some believe the natural world is our real home. The place where we came from. Could this be true, when so […]

Our National Parks

Title: Our National Parks Author: John Muir Publication: In the public domain. Originally: “In this book, made up of sketches first published in the Atlantic Monthly, I have done the best I could to show forth the beauty, grandeur, and all-embracing usefulness of our wild mountain forest reservations and parks, with a view to inciting […]

Saving the Places We Love

Author: © Ned Tillman Publication Date: 2014 Type: Nonfiction Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Amazon Author Page, Author Website, Facebook, LinkedIn Prologue to Saving the Places we Love First Loss The man who is angered by nothing cares about nothing.  — Edward Abbey   Good Endeavor Farm, 1962 — I woke up to rumbling; the walls […]

Wild Roots – Coming Alive in the French Amazon

Author: © Donna Mulvenna Type: Nonfiction Publication Date: July 11, 2016 Ordering: Amazon Author Links: YouTube, Goodreads, Pinterest, Facebook Starry Nights “And there at the camp, we had around us the elemental world of water and light, and earth and air. We felt the presences of the wild creatures, the river, the trees, the stars. […]

Something Special

Author: © Jessica Groenendijk Publication Date: November 21, 2015 Publication: Words from the Wild Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ In late 2007, my husband and I and our two kids left our home in North Luangwa National Park, Zambia, and set off on a six-month journey through southern Africa. We lived and travelled in a […]

Hope or High Water

Hope or High Water: The Voyage of a Lifetime and a Model for our Future Author: © Duncan Morrison Publication Date: March 28, 2016 Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Author’s Facebook, Our Blue Canoe Film Facebook, Pacific Voyager’s Facebook, Twitter, Author’s website Chapter Four  –  A Living Hell 13 July 11 (Two days out) What a […]

Off Grid and Free

Author: © Ron Melchiore Publication Date: Forthcoming, February 2016 Publisher: Moon Willow Press Press: Life Off Grid, produced by Phillip Vannini and Jonathan Taggart Social Media: Facebook Chapter 1 – Which Way Do I Go? A fortuitous series of events brought us to this place, a remote lake, far out in the Canadian wilderness, 100 miles […]

Two Houses of Oikos

Author: © James A. Schaefer Publication Date: April 8, 2015 Cover Art: Maya Schaefer Publisher: Moon Willow Press Press: Boreal Songbird Initiative Aesop’s Tortoise In the year to come, I boldly predict that you’ll accomplish the improbable. You’re going to complete a marathon–considered the most gruelling of endurance races–without training, doping or hardly even trying. Whatever […]