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Eco-fiction.com presents a new feature called “Green Reads – Excerpts.” We hope to build a network of authors,  publishers, and readers who can promote and enjoy eco-novels, prose, poetry, graphic novels, nonfiction, and short stories. We also want to raise awareness of how climate change and other environmental issues can be handled in literature.

Here you may freely read or posts excerpts of previously published or upcoming fiction, poetry, and nonfiction with nature and environmental themes. What are “green reads”? Green is a universally accepted color for nature, wilderness, sustainable living, and environmental awareness. We accept a wide variety of nonfiction (including articles, essays, graphic novels, and more), poetry and prose, and fiction–including science fiction, fantasy, solarpunk, speculative fiction, weird fiction, literary fiction, political fiction, climate fiction, and so on. The word “green” simply implies that there is a strong focus on how humanity impacts, or connects with, the natural world, and how the upstream/downstream effects play out in character development, plot, background setting, and so on. Often, a strong moral imperative is present, which creatively addresses environmental issues. Other times, the message is less didactic and story itself is central. Sometimes these books do not get political; rather they exalt nature at some level.

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This voluntary project is part of Moon Willow Press’s initiative: “Blowing your mind with wild words and worlds.”