Starting in the summer of 2017, I’ve added inspirational or informational quotes to the top of the site. These change every so often, so I’ll archive the old quotes here, from newest to oldest:

“What we bloodlessy call place is to young children a wild compound of dream, spell and substance: place is somewhere they are always in, never on.” -Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks

The Game of Thrones has beautiful ecology and lore, which we are studying here at, but the books are not intended to be about modern day climate change. According to the author: “Like Tolkien I do not write allegory, at least not intentionally. Obviously you live in the world and you’re affected by the world around you, so some things sink in on some level, but, if I really wanted to write about climate change in the 21st century I’d write a novel about climate change in the 21st century.” -George RR Martin in Nerdalicious

What if we loved the planet the way that we claim we love our spouses, or children, or lovers? If we are learning anything from the speed with which climate change and our knowledges and discoveries about the natural world are barreling forward, in part it’s this: the Earth was never an object for humans to own, nor was anything on it. -Lidia Yuknavitch, Wired

This coming-of-age story [Borne] signals that eco-fiction has come of age as well: wilder, more reckless and more breathtaking than previously thought, a wager and a promise that what emerges from the 21st century will be as good as any from the 20th, or the 19th. –New York Times