We keep getting warnings of weather advisories: snow, wind, that type of thing, but it has not happened too badly yet. Friday morning we awoke to our first snow this season, yet it was nothing but a ground dusting. I wanted to take a photo, but it was too dark that morning and by the time I got to work, at a lower elevation, the snow was gone. Yesterday I heard news of another weather system around the corner, but I am not sure if that has been changed because I don’t think it will reach freezing in the next few days. Friday afternoon on the way home from work, however, the mountains nestling our town were covered with fresh[…]

Oh how the days drag on. We were beginning to experience a hint of spring, and one day last week I hiked home without a jacket, marveling at the rushing waters of Hoy-Scott Creek, and the tall pines and cedars along its bank, and felt that urge to run (in fact, on non-icy days I like to run home from the train). Still recovering from a brutal cold, I have realized that when I do start running regularly (I have only been able to run irregularly this winter), I still need to finish the 5K training program before getting back to where I was before. And then over the weekend it began snowing again. On Sunday night I was up[…]

One of the greatest things about being outdoors is the awareness of seasons and their variances. I’m not one to care about seasons in the sense of fashion, flings, shopping, or consumer holidays–to me, the great outdoors is the place to recognize the variance of weather and wilderness (or at least urban parks!). Yesterday was my first run outside this year, and the first in a couple months now. Being stuck with running on a treadmill is so incredibly soulless that I can’t find any joy in it. So to get outside, even if it was only in a rare dry and unused parking lot near the woods I usually run in felt good, man. Like incredibly exhilarating. The day[…]

This winter in Vancouver is unlike most. It has been cold with occasional days of snow and ice and wind, which has canceled schools and caused dangerous travel. What’s up with that!? We’re supposed to be experiencing global warming, right? Well, we should know by now that global warming is a global phenomenon, where variable weather patterns exist locally but where overall, annual global temperatures continue to rise. Our cold winter results from a La Niña event. The cold weather and snow is, according to CBC: “All part of a bigger puzzle that has to do with melting Arctic ice, extreme ocean temperatures, a travelling polar vortex and a weird, roller-coaster-shaped jet stream.” That’s all well and good. I was really in[…]

Note that we are porting this server to another, so this post might be lost, but in case it is I will have backed it up and will repost it later. Our winter wonderland is here, starting last Monday and continuing, with snow all week, through the weekend. My return to running is on the treadmill. While my toe seems mostly healed, I fell on black ice Tuesday morning and have a fudged-up hip. It only bothers me when I’m running, so am just going easy, starting again with the C25K program–which has been pretty easy compared to where I was at before the toe issue. The big bummer is needing to run on a treadmill, and only twice a[…]

Over the weekend it seemed I bumped my toe several times, even before dipping into the mulled wine on Saturday. My father-in-law suggested putting something over my feet, so I did–slippers. After a very busy but great weekend full of family and friends visiting, and despite that occasional clutzy toe thing on Saturday, my toe has not hurt since then.  Yesterday I was able to do a two-mile hike. Today a 5-mile bike workout. The rest of the week I’ll stick to hikes and bikes, and if all remains okay, I’ll start running again next week. Cannot wait. Yesterday I really did love getting out into the woods–listening to the Lore podcast. It’s like I need that silent reverie. I[…]