My leg is okay to run on, according to the sports doctor I saw this morning! The left leg is still bigger than the right, but it is not due to anything dangerous and my ankle and foot are okay…no longer sprained. There is some possible nerve damage in my left foot, but it wouldn’t cause swelling. I will have further tests done in October. However, there is a bit of bad news that I have neglected to talk about here, and mostly it’s because I feel people don’t really care to hear about health issues all the time. But I have had an often-occurring abnormal heart rate in the past month, starting before vacation. When we went hiking at[…]

On the trail-front, I have had to take a break yet again due to a swollen ankle that is not getting better. I hobbled around on it last week, and thought that if it was not better by the Victoria Day weekend I would make a doctor’s appointment, which I have done–for tomorrow. I think it’s odd. If it’s a sprain, there was not a whole lot of pain when it happened. Like my broken toe, it seems more stress fracture related. I know better now to not run on injured things; they just get worse. Well I was continuing to run and hike rough trails after my ankle started hurting. Dummy me. Now I’m down again until it heals.[…]

Our camping two weekends ago near Saltery Bay was full of sun and rain, waves and wind, endless coasting birds, hiking into wilderness, rushing waterfalls, isolation, running, and admiring the country north of Gibsons, mostly First Nations territories peppered with local foods and artisan goods. After two ferry rides, we arrived at a campsite just north of Saltery Bay Provincial Park on a Friday. We had previously planned to tent-camp but ended up in a cabin, which was good because the tenting area was sort of cramped around a view of an old barn and some kind of equipment. Our cabin, however, had a front door to the sea and a wide window to view it all, so if we[…]

Last night, we went to see George Orwell’s 1984, which played across North America as a reminder of our humanity vs. surveillance and misinformation by an oligarchy–completely pertinent now because the US government has suddenly clinched into what may become an oligarchy and has become a major source of lies. These lies have received the euphemism “alternative facts,” a phrase I think should go away, because anti-truth is not any kind of fact, not even an alternative one. Let’s not kid ourselves. Facts are facts. Lies are lies. There is no situation in which lies are facts. Of course, in the field of physics, for instance, what seems to be one thing may in fact be another. When dealing with[…]

I feel like a turtle poking its head out to sense the sun and warmer weather after having hid myself in a shell most of the winter–for the past two months to be precise. I’ve had a few times when I’ve been able to run outside, but not many, having to rely on mostly indoor activity or careful hiking/snowshoeing. Even last weekend we had planned to go to Kamloops to visit family, and all three highways were closed that would take us there. We are watching the summit weather to see if we can go tomorrow instead. Yet, the fickle skies are rainy this week instead of snowy, and the sunshine is peeking through more and more. The overnight temperatures[…]

The featured image is one I licensed through Can Stock Photo as a concept image for the novel I’m writing. I think once I can start running on the trail again, I will be inspired even more to write (since I get so many refreshing ideas when running!), but for now we have snowy sidewalks and trails. And I’m still working on the book quite a bit every day–it being up to Chapter 9 now. I have mentioned my novel before in this blog It’s called Up the River, which alludes to Sing Sing, at least originally the phrase did, as the prison was literally up-river on the Hudson, but the phrase eventually referred to any prison. And in my[…]

What a fascinating and essential campaign promise. According to a New York Times article, Michael Eisen, an evolutionary biologist, who is among the elite of American scientists, with a tenured position at the University of California, Berkeley, has declared his intention to run in the 2018 election for a seat in the United States Senate from California. His campaign slogan: “Liberty, Equality, Reality.” I mean, what more could we ask? As I write these words I realize my latest running thoughts have been light. It’s because we have been in a most crazy winter. Just when we thawed from our last snowfall, starting Friday we got again probably two feet of snow (I measure how much snow is on top[…]

It has been a great year for me. I kept up running and began trail running; then I began hiking between runs. Though the past few weeks have been wrought with ice, snow, and a fractured toe, I’ve returned to running on a treadmill and hiked or snow-shoed in the snow. Coming home from work today I heard the song by Great Big Sea (one of my favorite songs), called When I’m Up (I Can’t Get Down), and it inspired me to write some thoughts as we enter a new year. This song captures my feelings throughout the year as several things happened that tempted to stop me in my tracks–such as a bad fall when running or watching Donald[…]

I had a nice run this morning. It feels great to get back in the swing of things–after my toe sprain, after my weird throat issues, and after our storms (which turned out to be heavy in some places but not where we live). I did a short run on Tuesday and then today decided to go to Deer Lake, which is a 5K round trip. The beautiful fall colors and watercolor sky with ambient light of sun hidden behind clouds, not quite breaking through, fanned over a still wet ground full of red and golden leaves. This coming weekend I will be volunteering again with Streamkeepers at the Hoy & Scott Creek Salmon Festival. It is that time of[…]

I’m still asking this question well into my adulthood. I have wrestled with the idea of going back to school to work on a Masters, and maybe even a Ph.D. Yet other times, I think what I really want to do is to get away from the city…the whole: “I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made: Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee; And live alone in the bee-loud glade…” -(Yeats, The “Lake Isle of Innisfree”) But I am often encouraged by people around me to really delve into what I’m already studying and get the proper credentials for it. I’ve been[…]