While northern California has had unprecedented wildfires, not too far north on the coast we are experiencing severe rain events. Last night I fell asleep to a heavy downpour. It continued on until this morning, and on the way to work I saw downed branches and wet leaves plastered everywhere. At the moment we have a small break until the rain storms continue this evening. Up to 500 mm in the mountains. That means snow. One of our cats awoke me at 2:30 this morning as the winds and rain chimed outside. Poor kitty is sick and has been throwing up a lot in the past few days. We got him when we got married in 2006, and then he[…]

After doing intervals and elevation on my run Thursday, I was so looking forward to a good hike or run, or both, this past weekend. Being Canadian Thanksgiving, we had three days off, the first of which was completely rainy–but then it began to get cold and sunny. This morning we had our first frost. Anyway, on Saturday we were in Vancouver with some friends watching a VIFF film and I took a bite of popcorn, which immediately gave me a weird reaction with the left gland swelling in my neck. This increased over the weekend and it’s been hard to eat much of anything or even swallow. I went to the doctor today at work who ordered some tests.[…]

I’m the crazy chick you’ll see running in a downpour as if it were chill and sunny. That was me today, as I decided that over lunch I’d run up to the pharmacy and back, which is about 5.2K all around. I was smart to wear the one long-sleeved wool running shirt that I borrowed permanently from my husband. The way to the store wasn’t bad, but the rain picked up on the way back and I got pretty soaked, even with a cap. I ran my first 5 minute kilometer today during one stretch…mostly because I was cold and in a hurry to warm up. Funny how part of that was up the hill, and running back down that[…]

Today was the wettest run I’ve had yet on this C25K program, and while at first it felt cold, it felt wonderful in the end. One thing that keeps happening is that I feel more connected with the elements. Being a lover of nature, I find running the perfect sport for that need to be close to our environment–of course as long as you run outside. Two days a week I run during lunch break at work. On Saturdays I run at home. Fortunately, my workplace has a gym, lockers, and showers. There are also several trails and ways to get away from the world. One of my locker-mates, who I have worked with in the past, teased me about[…]