I just wrote a blog post yesterday, but wanted to quickly honor Gord Downie, amazing singer and man who died yesterday from brain cancer. He cared deeply about the environment and social justice. I am not going to write about his life, just briefly what his music meant to me. I am too choked up to write much. You can read some of my other blog posts about his music and what it has meant to me when I’m out running or just sitting around partying with friends. I had heard of Tragically Hip, his band, before I moved to Canada over a decade ago, but my husband quickly turned me onto a lot more music here and I was[…]

First, happy birthday to Bob Dylan! Second, I was very sad to hear today that Gord Downie, lead singer of the Tragically Hip, has announced his diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. I met him a few years ago when the non-profit I worked for had a booth at one of his performances. Later we had another at Deer Lake, when the Tragically Hip played there, but this particular one was Gord Downie on his own. I didn’t grow up listening to his music, and honestly didn’t really know much of them until I moved to Canada, whereupon I began to really get into them. A couple songs are on my running playlist: “Ahead by a Century” and “Bobcaygeon.” Gord’s voice[…]