I just wrote a blog post yesterday, but wanted to quickly honor Gord Downie, amazing singer and man who died yesterday from brain cancer. He cared deeply about the environment and social justice. I am not going to write about his life, just briefly what his music meant to me. I am too choked up to write much. You can read some of my other blog posts about his music and what it has meant to me when I’m out running or just sitting around partying with friends. I had heard of Tragically Hip, his band, before I moved to Canada over a decade ago, but my husband quickly turned me onto a lot more music here and I was[…]

It’s that time of the year to listen to my special Christmas playlist when running, which consists mostly of Enya winter songs, Sarah MacLachlan, Beyonce (Ave Maria), Handel, James Taylor, and some old Irish harp music (as mentioned in a recent post). “On Horseback,” by Michael Oldfield, is another song that is reminiscent of winter, and it is also one that I subtly referenced in my novel Back to the Garden. One of the main characters is Buddha, who is overweight and dreams of his mother’s ancestral potlatches, along with his father’s church potlucks. In a new world that humans must adapt to after climate change has devastated so much of the old world, Buddha is a happy type who[…]