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Last night, we went to see George Orwell’s 1984, which played across North America as a reminder of our humanity vs. surveillance and misinformation by an oligarchy–completely pertinent now because the US government has suddenly clinched into what may become an oligarchy and has become a major source of lies. These lies have received the… Read More Perception

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One of the greatest things about being outdoors is the awareness of seasons and their variances. I’m not one to care about seasons in the sense of fashion, flings, shopping, or consumer holidays–to me, the great outdoors is the place to recognize the variance of weather and wilderness (or at least urban parks!). Yesterday was… Read More Seasons


A Departure

Today my post is a departure from the usual trail running or hiking thoughts. But politics is every bit a part of how we deal with our remaining wilderness these days, and I was as stunned as anyone else last night when the unimaginable happened: Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the… Read More A Departure


Under the Weather

After doing intervals and elevation on my run Thursday, I was so looking forward to a good hike or run, or both, this past weekend. Being Canadian Thanksgiving, we had three days off, the first of which was completely rainy–but then it began to get cold and sunny. This morning we had our first frost.… Read More Under the Weather

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On Politics and Heat

I listened to Michelle Obama’s speech, and felt renewed by it. What a remarkable lady and speaker. Like many, I was a full on Bernie Sanders supporter, and I was beginning to feel submerged into disbelief when what seemed like such a sure possibility for him turned out not to be that way. Unlike many… Read More On Politics and Heat