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The Sunshine Coast

Our camping two weekends ago near Saltery Bay was full of sun and rain, waves and wind, endless coasting birds, hiking into wilderness, rushing waterfalls, isolation, running, and admiring the country north of Gibsons, mostly First Nations territories peppered with local foods and artisan goods. After two ferry rides, we arrived at a campsite just… Read More The Sunshine Coast

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Trail Running in 2017

Our rainy and snowy weather has gotten me down lately. It’s not so much the precipitation, which we actually need, but the constant gray skies. However, next week has a much brighter forecast, up to 13 degrees and mostly sunny. Also, say what you will about Daylight Savings Time, but when we got home tonight… Read More Trail Running in 2017

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I returned from a weekend camping trip very sore from a trail fall, but my cold is better. I learned later that, though there was no sign posted, the Goat Lookout Trail, where I fell, was supposed to be closed due to high water in Felix Creek. The water did actually reach the bridge. Birkenhead… Read More Birkenhead

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Into the Wild

This weekend was sort of a bust with running, thanks to a nasty summer cold, but I had already run my normal number of times that week before this thing hit me. Regardless, the bbq yesterday was wonderful–sitting beneath sunny to starry skies with a couple mint juleps (made from lemon-mint from the garden and… Read More Into the Wild


Zombies, Run!

I decided to set goals for myself this year, and they include disciplining myself and having fun at it. I usually don’t need gimmicks when running, but training plans do help. I decided to retrain on the 10K program and, when it fits, doing the Zombies, Run app on top of that. Today was my… Read More Zombies, Run!

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Today we went out to spend a gift card from my husband’s dad, and we ended up buying a propane campstove. Later we went out with a couple good friends of ours and talked about some weekend camping trips as soon as it gets just a little warmer. Because of dryer, hotter summers these days… Read More Camping