While northern California has had unprecedented wildfires, not too far north on the coast we are experiencing severe rain events. Last night I fell asleep to a heavy downpour. It continued on until this morning, and on the way to work I saw downed branches and wet leaves plastered everywhere. At the moment we have a small break until the rain storms continue this evening. Up to 500 mm in the mountains. That means snow. One of our cats awoke me at 2:30 this morning as the winds and rain chimed outside. Poor kitty is sick and has been throwing up a lot in the past few days. We got him when we got married in 2006, and then he[…]

I am currently reading three books at the same time. I’ve already talked about two of them (American War and A Song of Ice and Fire). Now I’m also reading Ali Smith’s Autumn, the first of a quartet of novels in her Seasonal series. I spotlighted her yesterday on my Climate Change Authors feature at the main site. I go back and forth among these books, depending on mood. Autumn is really interesting. It parallels my own life in a way, as I would sit beside my dying father for days on end, months on end–something similar happens in her novel. Her novel skips through time, looks at Brexit and climate change and our own extinction while also visualizing the[…]

My two runs this week so far have been great. I can feel my legs tiring as I am pushing myself to run up to two minutes faster per mile. Today I just happened to look at Strava and saw 9.54 per mile during that segment. I am a slowish runner, so that was pretty good for me. As I’ve run this week, I’ve faced fears and gone back into the bear neighborhood and the cougar woods. I’ve gotten on the trail, picked up my feet, and still gazed in wonder at the world around me. Last time I wrote, I was excited it was cooling down some, and I do think/hope we’re done with the 30+ temps, but it[…]

Yesterday after work, my husband agreed to come with me on a 5K trail run at Mundy Park. I realized how nervous I was about falling again, which prompted a slower run than usual. It was so nice of him to come with me! It was great to get back to the woods. Mundy Park trails are not as dangerous as some of the trails I’ve been running on–just a few rocks jutting out here and there, so I was more focused on watching where I was going and picking my knees up. Now that the days are getting shorter, by the time we got to the park, the sun was low in the sky, and by the time we[…]

This week is recovery week from a terrible cold and a fall last weekend when camping. Yet, as is with most things in life that are semi-healthy in the least, which I think I am, my scars are healing nicely, the cold is going away, and my long run is coming up this weekend. Today and yesterday were what I think of as recuperative hikes–stretching-legs, healing walks of three miles each. Early on in this blog, I compared keeping one’s body healthy to keeping the planet healthy. Sometimes, with our own bodies, we don’t have much control–if there are stubborn diseases, for instance. Yet, if we’re lucky to not be terminally ill, we can usually fix ourselves when needed. However,[…]

Unlike the summer, and even into the recent fall warm days, this has been a year of much heat and drought. But autumn is here, for sure. Sugary snow has frosted nearby mountains due to recent heavy precipitation. Today, a short 2-mile run, was sunny, very cold, and just beautiful. Living and running in the Anthropocene isn’t all about what’s wrong with the world–it’s what is lovely with this life and running. I am constantly moved by beauty, not the person kind or the fashion kind or anything so superficial, but the natural wonders around us. I am as awed by a simple red maple on the ground as I am anything, not to mention the holy-like shrouds of mist[…]

Every day of running this summer has been one of choice: Choosing the coolest days of the week to run Choosing the coolest times of those days to run, even if it means getting up at 5:30 am With the exception of a couple cool runs, the summer has been relentlessly uncomfortable for runners. Summer does toughen one up, and I’ve broken many personal speed records, but have run less, overall, than I did in the winter. I’m really looking forward to the fall. It’s when we are running The Great Climate Race to raise funds for solar panel projects in the lower mainland. Trust me, Canada needs this solar technology, not just to diversify energy and to do the[…]