A couple weeks ago, my husband and I joined some of my coworkers at a brewery for a couple beers after work. One of the coworkers came here from Ireland. He is the same guy who gave us great insights on the best places to go when we visited Ireland last year. That is to say, get out on the West Coast, away from tourist traps, into the country, and find small pubs that have great fiddle music lasting into the night. As we sat around the brewery chatting, he told us a story of a living in a bear-infested neighborhood nearby. By now, I was into my second Shake a Paw Smoked Porter (really, and most honestly, good, especially[…]

I listened to this talk the other day on the way home from work. I really like hearing author perspectives of their writing about the wild. In this talk, the two were in Toronto just a couple weeks ago. I have chatted with both at the main site (see “Selected Interviews” on the front page) in different times/focuses, so it was interesting to me to see them together here. One of the questions in this panel was how their sense of place in childhood inspired their writing. Jeff talked some about Fiji and Florida, both places he’s lived, and Lorna talked about growing up in the prairies of Saskatchewan, where there was “a tree.” She’s very funny; they both are.[…]

This blog used to be called “Running in the Anthropocene,” but I changed it recently due to not being able to run for the last three months. On a positive note, I am beginning to feel much, much better and think I’ll get to start training again, and it’s perfect timing since fall and cooler weather (hopefully!) is just around the corner. We’ve had a drought and a very hot summer. Temperatures once again have broken records. While the US Gulf states are flooding and now Irma, a Category 5 hurricane, is zooming over the Caribbean islands and currently on course to hit Florida by this weekend, British Columbia has had a record-breaking number of wildfires, along with lack of[…]

The other day author Lidia Yuknavitch posted on Twitter, oh fall. come. It doesn’t take a great many words to summon a large expectation and dream, and I echo her thoughts in this post, at least how I read them. It is not here yet, only in my dreams. I’ve waddled through summer like a zombie, hoping to run again or even hike distance again–meanwhile keeping as active as possible. I think I’ll leave my medical things out of this blog from now on–but I finally got some medication and I still hope to run again once things get better. I just don’t know when that will be. You may notice that I changed the blog title. I haven’t run[…]

Solar Eclipse 2017: We were not in the swath of the umbra whose residents were able to view the total eclipse of the sun today, but Vancouver’s visibility was 87% or so. Morgan and I awoke early, showered, and went over to Mundy Park–our favorite running grounds–and made a two-hour camp in the same field we went a few years ago upon a clear midnight to try to view the Aurora Borealis. The morning was warm and humid. We had a sneak preview of fall last week, but temperatures are now rising again to peak-summer heat and the poor grass is as brown as it can be. In fact, when I did notice the bear not long ago, I realized[…]

The other morning, after my bear encounter, my husband heard a couple roars out in our back yard. It was early, and I didn’t hear it, and he didn’t get up to look, but I think our bear–and perhaps the sow–may have been back? I find myself constantly looking outside for black bears. On Saturday I had a southern BBQ (grilling on the front balcony), and afterward–Kentucky Mules in hand–my husband and two of his friends joined me out back so I could water my plants. My husband and one of his friends are very tall–6’3″ and 6’5″. The other friend is tall as well, but not quite that tall. I figured a bear might be intimidated by them, but[…]

We have been submerged in wildfire smoke for the last week or two. So many fires in the interior have sent the smoke our way, but it is sitting over the Vancouver area like a very large hen incubating her progeny. My husband’s cousins were evacuated for two weeks at one point but have finally returned to their home near 108 Mile. The dry weather and lack of rain make wildfires an issue every year, but it seems to be getting worse year after year. The drought we’ve had has turned the grass brown, brought out the ants in great numbers, and made it harder for the black bears in the nearby mountains and forests to find food. The invasive[…]

My leg is okay to run on, according to the sports doctor I saw this morning! The left leg is still bigger than the right, but it is not due to anything dangerous and my ankle and foot are okay…no longer sprained. There is some possible nerve damage in my left foot, but it wouldn’t cause swelling. I will have further tests done in October. However, there is a bit of bad news that I have neglected to talk about here, and mostly it’s because I feel people don’t really care to hear about health issues all the time. But I have had an often-occurring abnormal heart rate in the past month, starting before vacation. When we went hiking at[…]

This week we’re supposed to be breaking records, and we haven’t had any significant rainfall for weeks. It’s so odd that here, when it rains it pours, when it snowed this past winter it came down tremendously, but there are certain times of the summer that are getting hotter and dryer each year. This is one of those times. I finally got a sports medicine doctor referral go through, for Thursday morning. In the meantime, I am bored so have been going for some hikes, like I did today at lunch. The air seemed still and weighted. The grass is brown. But I walked along the creek near campus.     I do love heat, though our house will be[…]

I keep telling myself that not running due to injury is part of the running cycle, though now with two months of no running whatsoever–except around my mom’s house when I was bored of inactivity one morning, with only some hiking and biking thrown in–I still hold true to this blog title as I play the waiting game and hope that things improve. At my last doctor’s appointment, my doctor was still perplexed, since all my tests had come back normal, and is now referring me to a sports medicine doctor. Part of not running is dreaming of when I will be able to run, and I’m hoping now by autumn that everything will be working properly again. My goal[…]