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About Me

I graduated  Purdue University with bachelor degrees and some graduate work in both English and anthropology. I grew up in the United States, where my parents introduced me at an early age to the great outdoors; we spent many family trips hiking, climbing mountains, horseback riding, canoeing, white-water rafting, and camping—which filled me with a deep respect for the wilderness.

Since college, I have taken on several eco-literature projects, including as chief editor and cofounder of Jack Magazine (now archived at Stanford University) and as owner of the independent niche Moon Willow Press, publishing a few environmental titles each year and helping to reforest areas in need. I am also the curator at, which has a large database of fiction titles—and some notable nonfiction—relating to climate change and other environmental topics. I have interviewed several award-winning authors for the site and run the Google newsgroup “Ecology in Literature and the Arts,” which has over 1,180 members. Under pen name Clara Hume, I wrote the speculative fiction novel Back to the Garden, which explores relationships and redemption in a post-collapse, climate-changed world. I am working on another novel in the genre of ecological weird fiction and another novel, Up the River, about an oil spill.


All photos are taken by me unless otherwise attributed.