1. What am I working on now, or just finished?

I have recently completed Power’s Out (Book 2, Troubled Times Series) and am working on Earth’s Descent( Book 3: Troubled Times Series) which is the final installment. For more information on the Troubled Times Series, visit www.Cherryhousepublishing.co.uk.

2. How does my work fit into the cli-fi genre?

The Troubled Times Series is set a few years from now in Scotland. It’s based around the idea of what happens in western developed countries when the tipping point of climate change is reached and we face the same unrest and social instability which affects other parts of the globe already. The first book deal with what happens when the floods become so frequent and immense that large parts of the population have to move. The second book deal with what happens when the unrest and erratic weather patterns mean the power grid fails and the last vestiges of our current system begin to crumble. The third book, well that is still under development.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I have had an interest in the subject for a number of years combined with a love of apocalyptic novels; however, I was keen to do something slightly different. Most end of the world novels deal with the few survivors who make it through the initial catastrophe. I am more interested in what happens in that time just before, when the population is still intact but the rules by which we currently live are no longer in place.

4. How does my writing process work? Explain your writing days and nights. How do you work? How do you outline or plan the story?

I would love to say I sit down and outline the plot and do that really organised process of detailing what happens in each chapter. However, I tend to have a more free-flowing style of writing. I have a basic idea or a number of ideas and plot lines, and I tend to just start. This can lead the story to move in directions I was not expecting, which can be more interesting for me as the writer. It can also lead to the occasional dead-end. I think it is important to let the characters have some freedom, and sometimes as a character develops I may decide to let them live to the end of the novel or take them in a different direction from the original plan.

I tend to write in the evenings or first thing in the morning as I find these are my most creative times.



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