The Adventures of The Sizzling Six: The Case of the Missing Piping Plovers

Author: © Claire Datnow Series: Adventures of the Sizzling Six (Book 8) Publisher: MediaMint Publication Date: July 2017 Type: Fiction Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Twitter, Amazon author page, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, Eco-fiction, Enslow, YouTube, Instagram Excerpt: Middle Grade 42,317 words Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus): Named for its distinctive, melodic call and charismatic nature makes it […]

Sally St. Johns

Author: © Denise Heinze Publication Date: May 2017 Type: Fiction Ordering: Amazon, BookLocker Social Media: Author website, Twitter, Amazon author page, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn   Excerpt – Chapter 1 I was in trouble. BIG trouble. And what does one do when faced with gut-wrenching threats to one’s life and liberty? Easy. Call your mother, of […]

Oink: A Food for Thought Mystery

Author: JL Newton Publisher: IndieBound Publication Date: April 2017 Type: Fiction Ordering: Amazon, IndieBound, Books, Inc., Berkeley and Book Passages (Corte Madera, California) Social Media: Author website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter Expanding the Meaning of “Deep Ecology” My novel, Oink. A Food for Thought Mystery, is a sly send up of universities in general for their […]

Dubito, Ergo Sum

Author: © P. Gordon Judge Publication Date: July 24, 2016 Type: Trilogy Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Facebook, Amazon Author Page “Boring is good” Leon and I were nervously awaiting a video-link with the Lowell group. He was fiddling with some of his favorite nerd-ish gaming software, I found myself day-dreaming. Even if there were just […]

Cold Blood, Hot Sea

Author: © Charlene D’Avanzo Publisher: Torrey House Press Publication Date: June 2016 Ordering Information: IndieBound Social Media: Author blog, Facebook, Contact, Goodreads Sleuths will have to figure out who done it, but the real crime is the backdrop here: the endless heating of a fragile planet. —Bill McKibben Chapter One – At Sea (excerpt) A […]