What is Earthrunning?

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I feel this running blog is a bit unusual. When younger, I was more competitive, but now run mostly to stay fit while enjoying the great outdoors. While I have done some races since I took up running again, they have been fun runs and I’ve realized that my real love is away from the madding crowd, onto the trail. When on the trail, I occasionally stop to look at a plant or wildlife or snap a photo of a scene that I don’t want to forget: a river rushing by, a particularly lovely trail, a green lagoon, an impressive waterfall, the tips of snow-capped mountains in the distance. I prefer trailrunning because I work and live in an urban area, near a big city, and I really need to connect with the wild as much as possible. The trails are in areas in which cougars, black bears, and many other wildlife abide–though I’m lucky to have not had any dangerous situations. You’ll find themes in my blog posts about nature writing, ecological oriented fiction writing and reading, and imagining wild worlds and words when on the trail. You’ll find dreams of retiring someday in a cottage in a forest or by a lake. But I’m also out there as an individual residing in, and recognizing, the Anthropocene–and that means looking at climate change and other human impacts on our Earth. I like to learn about the geography and biology of places I explore, and also capture them with words and photos, not just when running but when hiking and camping. That’s what this blog is about. To me, earthrunning is trailrunning with a deeper essence of discovery, imagination, observation, and documentation of the natural world. Running is simply the river going through it all, for me. And, in the end, I have become a much better runner along the way!