On the trail-front, I have had to take a break yet again due to a swollen ankle that is not getting better. I hobbled around on it last week, and thought that if it was not better by the Victoria Day weekend I would make a doctor’s appointment, which I have done–for tomorrow. I think it’s odd. If it’s a sprain, there was not a whole lot of pain when it happened. Like my broken toe, it seems more stress fracture related. I know better now to not run on injured things; they just get worse. Well I was continuing to run and hike rough trails after my ankle started hurting. Dummy me. Now I’m down again until it heals.[…]

Right now I’m dreaming of running and hiking at Cultus Lake in two weekends; we are tent-camping to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and then just over two weeks later we are gearing up for Ireland and guests (my mom will be traveling with us, and my husband’s mom will be at our place to babysit our cats while having a good time in Vancouver!). I just heard that one of my nieces and her boyfriend may be able to go as well, which is awesome. But I have another dream too, and that is visiting Turkey Run (which got its name from wild turkeys running in the area) next summer with family. Turkey Run is near my mom’s place in[…]