I think there are times when most runners have a break from running due to injury or other reasons. This is one of my times. It has only been a month or so, but the reality is that I have to continue staying off my leg. My doctor has ruled out several things, including a mere sprain, which she says would have cleared up by now, a blood clot, and problematic blood vessels. I was very relieved to know I don’t have any of these issues. However, my left ankle and calf are still as swollen as they were. I went back to my doctor this morning, and she is perplexed. She wants to now rule out some kind of[…]

Note that we are porting this server to another, so this post might be lost, but in case it is I will have backed it up and will repost it later. Our winter wonderland is here, starting last Monday and continuing, with snow all week, through the weekend. My return to running is on the treadmill. While my toe seems mostly healed, I fell on black ice Tuesday morning and have a fudged-up hip. It only bothers me when I’m running, so am just going easy, starting again with the C25K program–which has been pretty easy compared to where I was at before the toe issue. The big bummer is needing to run on a treadmill, and only twice a[…]

This afternoon I volunteered with the Streamkeepers to go notch a couple beaver dams that were completely blocking fish. It was the first time I’d been in the creek–quite literally in it, in waist-high waders. I was amazed at the time it takes to cover a small area of this watershed. The trail leading in is pretty tame, but in order to get to the creek we had to cut through blackberry brambles and then through old deadwood and dead blackberry vines that arched over the creek in a low-hanging manner that was not possible to hike through easily. Then we were in the creek and found one beaver dam. By the time we had cleared much of it, the[…]

I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment–just wanted to get some quick thoughts down on paper. The more I read about ecological weird fiction, the more I want to read it, and now I want to work on a feature of it at the main site. My toe is feeling better and doesn’t feel fractured (maybe I had just sprained it), so today I decided to at least hike (rather than bike) and ended up taking advantage of the great weather–warm afternoons full of falling leaves and sunshine–and did a four-mile, rapid pace through parts of the “cougar woods,” as I’ve termed them and then over to the other side of the Deer Lake woods.[…]

After my run on Tuesday, I showered and headed back to campus. I noticed my right big toe was very achy. I stubbed it recently, and before that bumped it into a rock (when I fell down that hill). I could barely walk on it for the rest of the day, and it hurt pretty badly last night. I now have the toe tape-splinted, but if it hurts in another few days I’ll have to get an x-ray and a proper splint. It sure feels broken or fractured, which is a bummer because my walks and runs will be done for a while until it heals, and I wonder if I can do the 10K at the end of the[…]