Today’s entry is not about anger or politics or things I don’t understand. It’s about the things that fall into place, the beauty of life, friends, family, and getting outdoors. With the inability to run as of late, until I get medical results on my ankle and calf swelling, I have been testing myself by walking a half mile here, running across long intersections there. But I don’t want to make matters worse, really. Doc said I could swim and cycle, however, so over the weekend my husband and I dusted off the bikes we haven’t used much at all since we began running everywhere; we pumped them up, checked their suspension, and took off from our house. We rode[…]

I am back to running twice a week now with the goal of a big hike or bike ride on the weekend, and have added 2-3 days of gym on top of that while I build up my back muscles and core. When I run, it takes about 10 minutes to get warmed up. Then I’m good and feel like I could just keep running for a long time. Unless the back pain is there. In two weekends we will have guests, an early American Thanksgiving, and the the Great Climate Race 10K. I’m really looking forward to these things. I love having friends and family over at our house, which doesn’t happen often enough. My family is scattered around[…]

I’m feeling physically and emotionally much better than my last running post, which was rife with drought worries, family worries, and even a few health worries. I had written in my first run post that I may someday face challenges as a runner with diabetes. However, running 6-10 miles a week (and hiking, walking on top of that) has actually helped quite a bit. I saw my doctor this morning, and she said I was doing everything right. My blood sugar has gone down tremendously in the last several months, almost back to normal, but also to the point that I sometimes have low blood sugar levels that make me confused and shaky. This is because of the medication I[…]