I follow nature writing in the news, and saw an article in The Spectator today about Amanda Craig’s recent novel The Lie of the Land. The author of the article, Lauren Freeman, starts out with: I’ve diagnosed myself with early onset cottage-itis. It’s not supposed to happen for another decade, but at 29 I dream of just the smallest bolthole in the country: a bothy, a gatehouse, a folly below the ha-ha in someone else’s stately home. A shepherd’s hut in tasteful shades of prime ministerial greige. Liberated from the city I would be a nicer, calmer, more industrious person. I would write my magnum opus and be self-sufficient in rhubarb crumble. It goes on to talk about the novel,[…]

Over the weekend it seemed I bumped my toe several times, even before dipping into the mulled wine on Saturday. My father-in-law suggested putting something over my feet, so I did–slippers. After a very busy but great weekend full of family and friends visiting, and despite that occasional clutzy toe thing on Saturday, my toe has not hurt since then.  Yesterday I was able to do a two-mile hike. Today a 5-mile bike workout. The rest of the week I’ll stick to hikes and bikes, and if all remains okay, I’ll start running again next week. Cannot wait. Yesterday I really did love getting out into the woods–listening to the Lore podcast. It’s like I need that silent reverie. I[…]

Despite my call from the wild, I’ve had mostly an indoors weekend. I had some projects that had to be done, including the finalization of Ron Melchiore’s Off Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness, a truly awesome book that I hope off-gridders everywhere will enjoy. The Kindle version is up at Amazon now, but I am not going to promote it heavily until the print version is also up, which should be in 2-3 weeks. I wrote some new copy for it when I finalized the back cover: Off Grid and Free follows Ron Melchiore’s path to the wilderness, which led him to building an off-grid, sustainable homestead with his wife Johanna. Here you will find true stories[…]