Today’s entry is not about anger or politics or things I don’t understand. It’s about the things that fall into place, the beauty of life, friends, family, and getting outdoors. With the inability to run as of late, until I get medical results on my ankle and calf swelling, I have been testing myself by walking a half mile here, running across long intersections there. But I don’t want to make matters worse, really. Doc said I could swim and cycle, however, so over the weekend my husband and I dusted off the bikes we haven’t used much at all since we began running everywhere; we pumped them up, checked their suspension, and took off from our house. We rode[…]

I think there are times when most runners have a break from running due to injury or other reasons. This is one of my times. It has only been a month or so, but the reality is that I have to continue staying off my leg. My doctor has ruled out several things, including a mere sprain, which she says would have cleared up by now, a blood clot, and problematic blood vessels. I was very relieved to know I don’t have any of these issues. However, my left ankle and calf are still as swollen as they were. I went back to my doctor this morning, and she is perplexed. She wants to now rule out some kind of[…]