The Storms of Autumn

While northern California has had unprecedented wildfires, not too far north on the coast we are experiencing severe rain events. Last night I fell asleep to a heavy downpour. It continued on until this morning, and on the way to work I saw downed branches and wet leaves plastered everywhere. At the moment we have… Read More The Storms of Autumn

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I am currently reading three books at the same time. I’ve already talked about two of them (American War and A Song of Ice and Fire). Now I’m also reading Ali Smith’s Autumn, the first of a quartet of novels in her Seasonal series. I spotlighted her yesterday on my Climate Change Authors feature at… Read More Time

Running, The Trail

Trail Run

Yesterday after work, my husband agreed to come with me on a 5K trail run at Mundy Park. I realized how nervous I was about falling again, which prompted a slower run than usual. It was so nice of him to come with me! It was great to get back to the woods. Mundy Park… Read More Trail Run

Running, The Trail


This week is recovery week from a terrible cold and a fall last weekend when camping. Yet, as is with most things in life that are semi-healthy in the least, which I think I am, my scars are healing nicely, the cold is going away, and my long run is coming up this weekend. Today… Read More Fall

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The Cold Nights

Unlike the summer, and even into the recent fall warm days, this has been a year of much heat and drought. But autumn is here, for sure. Sugary snow has frosted nearby mountains due to recent heavy precipitation. Today, a short 2-mile run, was sunny, very cold, and just beautiful. Living and running in the… Read More The Cold Nights