One of the greatest things about being outdoors is the awareness of seasons and their variances. I’m not one to care about seasons in the sense of fashion, flings, shopping, or consumer holidays–to me, the great outdoors is the place to recognize the variance of weather and wilderness (or at least urban parks!). Yesterday was […]

A Winter Hike

This winter in Vancouver is unlike most. It has been cold with occasional days of snow and ice and wind, which has canceled schools and caused dangerous travel. What’s up with that!? We’re supposed to be experiencing global warming, right? Well, we should know by now that global warming is a global phenomenon, where variable […]


I was dreaming the other day of snow, and watched the news this weekend because the snow was supposed to start at 3 or 4 am this morning, but it wasn’t forecast to be too heavy. Less than 1 cm. When I awoke this morning and saw white outside through our blinds, I got super […]

A Rainy Hike

Today was my last hike before resuming my runs next week (unless we get out this weekend!). The rain has been endless and exhausting in the last two months, swelling creeks and whitening mountains. Trees are mostly bare, and as we near the winter solstice and days shorten, by the time I leave work at […]

Winter Dreaming

Over the weekend it seemed I bumped my toe several times, even before dipping into the mulled wine on Saturday. My father-in-law suggested putting something over my feet, so I did–slippers. After a very busy but great weekend full of family and friends visiting, and despite that occasional clutzy toe thing on Saturday, my toe […]