Spring Equinox

Today, the first day of spring, still feels like winter to me. However, from my window I can see north to the snow-capped coast mountains and view a sky that wants to turn blue but is white and fickle.  The word equinox means “equal night,” and the spring equinox happens when neither pole is tilted to […]

Trail Running in 2017

Our rainy and snowy weather has gotten me down lately. It’s not so much the precipitation, which we actually need, but the constant gray skies. However, next week has a much brighter forecast, up to 13 degrees and mostly sunny. Also, say what you will about Daylight Savings Time, but when we got home tonight […]

Into the Beyond

Oh how the days drag on. We were beginning to experience a hint of spring, and one day last week I hiked home without a jacket, marveling at the rushing waters of Hoy-Scott Creek, and the tall pines and cedars along its bank, and felt that urge to run (in fact, on non-icy days I […]

Dark Mountain

We have planned our first camping trip in early May, up near Powell River. We’ll be tent-camping along the creek, where it intersects with the ocean, and I’m really excited about it. The winter is long and full of ice, snow, and cold/flu season. For these reasons it has been hard to get out and […]

Liberty, Equality, Reality

What a fascinating and essential campaign promise. According to a New York Times article, Michael Eisen, an evolutionary biologist, who is among the elite of American scientists, with a tenured position at the University of California, Berkeley, has declared his intention to run in the 2018 election for a seat in the United States Senate […]

Cobalt Blue

When my sister got married a few years ago, she announced that her colors were cobalt blue and black. Being the maid of honor, I researched that color! Blue has so many shades, but cobalt is really a lovely, deep, rich blue. I thought of that particular color this morning as I awoke before dawn […]