JL Morin – Nature’s Confession (Honorable Mention)

This short story is part of a book by the same now that will come out in January.


That Porter left his family and flew off with another woman was later erased from the history books.

Nothing went as planned. He hadn’t even kissed Any, yet. He began to doubt himself again. Once their flying saucer started orbiting Grod, he attempted to prove his skills, but Any lay there like a rug. She was still lying there four Grod hours later. Porter felt lost.

Her heartbeat sounded normal. He held his wrist screen up to her nose. It didn’t cloud over with her breath. He recoiled in surprise. That’s when the truth dawned on Porter. Any was not what she seemed. His body stiffened. Betrayal didn’t feel so nice. Worries flooded in, about food, air, about his wife and son back at dome on Grod.

He rolled up Any’s sleeve. She sure did have a lot of arm hair, and what was that? He pulled her glove down farther to reveal a black spot. Porter drew in his breath at the sight of her leopard skin. Any was a furry! Porter had been around long enough to know that talking furries were machines. That meant he was the only human in the spaceship. He was alone.

His mind raced. He tried to remain aloof and look at the bright side. Despite the horrible truth, he wasn’t going to betray his wife after all: what he’d run off with wasn’t another woman.

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  3 comments for “JL Morin – Nature’s Confession (Honorable Mention)

  1. September 27, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    What an exciting journey Nature’s Confession spaces us into. JL Morin grabbed this reader’s attention from the off, and kept me eagerly seeking to know more about Any and Porter and their flying saucer; exhilarating to the final words. Thanks.

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