Spotlight on Climate Change Authors


Series Spotlights Part I. Jeff VanderMeer | Part II. Margaret Atwood The purpose of this new section is to highlight major authors who write fiction about global warming. This project has long been in the back of my mind–to spotlight … Read more

Interview with Annis Pratt, Infinite Games


Part XIV. Women Working in Nature and the Arts Annis Pratt’s novels are full of passion for the natural world and enthusiasm for the details of everyday life. Her invented worlds are more realistic than fantastic, her fiction speculative about … Read more

Beef, Mat Blackwell


From one of Australia’s most-awarded comedy writers, Beef explores desire and faithfulness in a dystopian future Australia where bizarre cults thrive, where music is advertising, where psychics are out of the closet, and where meat is no longer murder. Thanks … Read more

Minus Tide, Kevin Ostedal


Discover Minus Tide Back to the new Discover feature Over a decade ago, when I was chief editor of Jack Magazine, issues would have themes, whether South African poetry or Gregory Corso or Philip Whalen or science fiction and fantasy–all … Read more

Silvana, Belinda Mellor


Part I. The Greening The Greening is the first part of Silvana–a series of mythopoeic fantasy novels set in a land where humanity respects and relies on nature for all that is good, and that is contrasted in the neighbouring … Read more

Wild Things, Jaimee Wriston Colbert


Coming October 15, 2016 – check back later for updates. Brace yourself for Jaimee Wriston Colbert’s Wild Things. These linked rural noir stories unfold their wings near the Susquehanna River in a landscape graced by wildlife and haunted by lost … Read more

Mr. Eternity, Aaron Thier


“I was thinking a lot about how much the rhythms of life are determined by the place where we live,” the 32-year-old author said, in a conversation from his current home in central Great Barrington. “I was sitting there in … Read more

The Trees, Ali Shaw


The Trees is a bold, intriguing conceit for a dystopian environmental novel…The strength of the novel – Shaw’s third – is in the visceral descriptions of the forest: the reader feels, smells and hears the trees, convincingly portrayed as sinister, … Read more