The Alex Cave Series


Thanks to author James Corkill for introducing his Alex Cave series to us. He states: I would like to tell you a little bit about my eco-fiction stories. In each book, Alex must find an unconventional means to save the … Continue reading →

Eis Tau (Melting Ice), Ilija Trojanow


Ein Mann, der die Gletscher so sehr liebt, dass er an ihrem Sterben verzweifelt: Zeno hat sein Leben als Glaziologe einem Alpengletscher gewidmet. Als das Sterben seines Gletschers nicht mehr aufzuhalten ist, heuert er auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff an, um Touristen … Continue reading →

Convergence, David M. Henley


[Henley’s] world is set 150 years in the future, after the Earth has suffered devastating bouts of climate change and conflict. From this a new society has emerged, ruled by a World Union. –The Australian Goodreads Reviews Back to GoodReads … Continue reading →

Suncatcher, Alia Gee


Professor Radicand Jones has survived climate change, pandemic and peak oil-but can she protect her sister’s airship flock from pirates, and hunt down their shadowy sponsors before the aether drives her mad? Goodreads Reviews Back to GoodReads … Continue reading →

Haw, Sean Jackson


Mired in a corrupt, dangerous city that is on the verge of collapse, a father and son flee to a rural village, hoping to find refuge from their violent lives. What they find is not the haunted hippie environs of … Continue reading →

Gene Mapper, Taiyo Fujii


In a future where reality has been augmented and biology itself has been hacked, the world’s food supply is genetically modified, superior, and vulnerable. When gene mapper Hayashida discovers that his custom rice plant has experienced a dysgenic collapse, he … Continue reading →