Interview with Adam Flynn on Solarpunk

A family in Tarialan, Uvs Province, Mongolia, uses a solar panel to generate power for their ger, a traditional Mongolian tent.
28/Jul/2009. Tarialan, Mongolia. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe.

Last year the term solarpunk came onto my radar. I read a piece at Arizona State University’s Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative’s Hieroglyph project called “Solarpunk: Notes toward a manifesto” by Adam Flynn. Having been a cyberpunk and steampunk reader, … Read more

Ready Player One, Ernest Cline


In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he’s jacked into the virtual utopia known as the  OASIS. -Goodreads The novel … takes place in 2044, in a … Read more

Dust Up (Series), Jon McGoran


Thanks to Jon McGoran for letting us know about his upcoming novel Dust Up, which is part of his biotech series. Following up on his critically acclaimed ecological thrillers Drift and Deadout, author Jon McGoran’s latest novel, Dust Up (April … Read more

Mr Green Jeans, Chris McGee

9781941861134-Perfect gj.indd

Thanks to Harvard Square Editions for sending their forthcoming publication, Mr Green Jeans, an eco-fiction adventure. The novel comes out March 24, 2016. A married couple throws caution to the wind to help the planet. Traveling from the Midwest to … Read more

The Marshlanders Series, Annis Pratt


The Marshlanders is about the conflict between self-sustaining communities and their enemies, who are determined to drain their wetlands for agricultural development. Clare and William are adopted by marsh dwellers and coastal farmers after William’s father, a pharmacist, has been … Read more

Badlands, C.J. Box


C.J. Box and Craig Johnson get lumped together a lot in the mass crime-fiction consciousness. Both write series novels set in Wyoming, featuring Old West heroes who aren’t entirely comfortable making their way through the New West. Both weave contemporary … Read more

The Man Who Planted Trees, Jean Giono


Simply written, but powerful and unforgettable, The Man Who Planted Trees is a parable for modern times. In the foothills of the French Alps the narrator meets a shepherd who has quietly taken on the task of planting one hundred … Read more

Sherwood Nation, Benjamin Parzybok


Water rations are down to one gallon per person per day… the mayor is proposing digging a trench to the Pacific Ocean… dried out West Coast cities are crumbling and being abandoned by the east… and in Portland, Oregon, water … Read more